Welcome to our new website!

May 19, 2020

It's been a few months since we've dropped anything new, but this one is worth the wait! Today we release our newest single, "Bulletproof". Check it out on your favourite streaming app NOW!

February 18, 2020

Our new video for our "You Should See Me in a Crown" cover drops today! Check it out on YouTube right now.



We told you a new website was coming and it's finally launched and ready to rock! We'll be keeping you up-to-date on what's new and what's coming up, so check back often and subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't already (you can do that below!). We will be adding an online store soon (this month in fact) and you will be able to buy any of our merch right here from our online store. You can also stream our music right down there at the bottom of the page, and sign up to follow us on all of our social media platforms and Spotify!

So dig in and enjoy! We hope you like the new look and all the cool stuff we'll be offering in the future. Bookmark us now!